Completely stuck after restricted room in chapter 4


I have just completed the restricted room in chapter 4 and I have obtained the trophy for it. The computer was talking about the team being the rebellious type. I am now facing a door that requires 3 power balls to stay open. The blue at the bottom and the green and purple alternating above are enough to keep the door open. In the next room there are 2 doors that also need power orbs but I can’t find them anywhere. I can’t see what I need to do to unlock the next doors and there doesn’t seem to be anything nearby. I have even reset the mission, thinking  that that might be the cause. Anyone been able to solve this? 

I am.mid way through chapter 4. It is the room directly after passing a restricted area door.

Completely stuck after restricted room in chapter 4
The Turing Test

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings -

I actually figured this out almost immediately after posting the question. The answer may help others solve this puzzle though. 

On the doorway where you have the 3 orbs, the too 2 are switching back and forth in order to keep the current. Target one of those and wait until it turns off. This gives you enough time to pull it out with your gun and run into the next room before the door locks behind you. You can then use this orb to slip through all of the doors and complete the puzzle.

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