Can’t get across gap to get to Face Shrine?

I have the key for the face shrine and I know where it is. The telephone booth is telling me to go here so I am assuming I have everything I need in order to be able to tackle this dungeon. If i swim around to the island with the 2 stone soldiers on it, the one on the left activates and I there is a tunnel underneath him. The issue is the gap under here is too wide to jump. Sometimes it feels like I am so close to making the jump but i still fall down anyway. There are two rocks here and I can move the one on the side that I am on but I can't figure out what the point of it is. I can't get across to the other side. Is there something I am missing?

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Dan Hastings
The hook shot is able to latch onto these stones just like it can with the wood stumps and blocks. So just shoot the stone with the hookshot and it will take you across to the other side.

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