Can't open the second door in the Chinese room puzzle


I have completed the main puzzle in the Chinese room restricted area. This unlocked the trophy, so I’m close enough. There is a second door that lifts upwards like a shutter. I have tried to make it open but I need to get a blue, purple and green or inside to make it open up. Im not able to get them in since I need the orbs to keep the second door from closing on me. Can this door even be opened? I’m curious now as to what is inside.

Cant open the second door in the Chinese room puzzle
The Turing Test

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1 Answer

SteveSickle89 -

So you have 6 power cores in this room. 3 green, 2 purple and 1 blue. Place 2 green orbs on the first door and this door will begin to open and close. Place 1 green and 1 purple on the door in the next area. You will now be in the final room with the shutter doorway in front of you. To open this door you need to place the blue core on the bottom. You will now have 1 core left, place this in either of the remaining slots. There is now one remaining slot to fill. Head back to the second door that has 1 green and 1 purple. Wait until the green core is active and quickly grab the purple one and run back into the room where the Chinese doors are. You can now place the purple core into the final lock on the door and go inside.

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