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Looking at the army screen in the menu there are some orc leaders that I have yet to kill. It feels like they have been respawning so I guess I need to kill them all quickly if I do. What happens if you kill all of the orc leaders in a single area? Is there […]

I have obtained the 6 Ithildin pieces from the location puzzle after saving those 3 towers. There don’t seem to be many variations that make sense, but I have tried a lot of different ways to order the 6 words in the poem to unlock the door and nothing seems to be working. What is […]

My health goes back up a bit when I am out of combat, but it is super slow. I don’t have any items like potions that would suggest any way of restoring my health during combat. I find myself getting brought to my knees and using the last chance feature to give me back some […]

Are there enough ways in which to earn skill points in Shadow of War that make it possible to obtain all of the skill points from all of the 6 main sections in the skill menu or do I need to carefully choose which skills I pick to make sure I don’t miss out on […]

What is the max level your character can reach in Shadow of War? I have only been playing 30 mins and I am at level 3, so I am guessing it is quite high. Also looking at the amount of skill points to purchase there is hopefully a lot of levels to obtain in this […]

For some reason, I thought I would have unlimited arrows and ended up using them all on the easy enemies rather than saving them for when I needed them. The game said I need to find more now. Where do you get more arrows for the wrath bow in Shadow of War?