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Stuck on the train in exodus unable to progress with the missions

How do you rejoin the BT on the other side of the room in Titanfall 2 story mode?

I am stuck at the train yard in the Volga mission where I must get past an electricity ball

How do you clean your weapons in metro exodus. I need to fix it to make it perform better

I am stuck at a church area in the Volga mission for metro exodus. I don't know how to escape and am stuck

Where in the Panopticon can I find the traffic light item for the Langston's runaways mission in Control

How do you get to the Japanese paper lantern altered item in control? 

How to solve traffic light puzzle in control for Langston's runaways

How do you get through the ashtray maze in control. The place keeps going in endless loops with no clues

I am stuck at the Oceanview motel on janitor quest. Key won't work on black pyramid door


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