UI & Menu Questions & Answers

UI stands for User Interface and is often used as a way to refer to the on screen elements that the gamer can interact with in order to navigate the games menu and perform actions.

One issue people often have, and the main reason a section exists here for questions and answers on game UIs and menus is that things can often be difficult to find. If you are having trouble finding anything, here is where to ask a question.


There is an option in the main menu of Wolfenstein: The new Colossus for a “Vault Unlock” that’s has a countdown timer. What is it for and anyone know what happens when it hits 0?

Are there enough ways in which to earn skill points in Shadow of War that make it possible to obtain all of the skill points from all of the 6 main sections in the skill menu or do I need to carefully choose which skills I pick to make sure I don’t miss out on […]

I have been clearing off the caves and stuff that are marked on the map with the rainbow icon and I have spotted a bunch of other icons that look like a crosshair. A dot with 4 curved lines around it. I have gone to the location on the map for a few of them […]

I have looked over the games main menu and in any other sections that I can find in the game. There doesn’t seem to be anything that u can find that allows me to enter any voucher codes into the game. Anyone know how to enter voucher codes in Elder Scrolls Legends.

There is an entire tab just fir squads and I have also seen a lot of skill points that unlock squad slots or do specific things for squads. I don’t see any point in any of these things. From what I’ve seen so far the squads are pointless. They must do something though. What is […]

I had hoped this girl would be useful during the storm shield defenses, but she has pretty much spent the entire time complaining about having no ammo. How do i give defenders more ammo?

I have purchased the deluxe edition and want to upgrade to a higher tier version. Is it possible to do this without having to buy the entire game over again? I am playing the game on the PS4.

I bought the deluxe edition and It gave me the safe with 50 extra slots when I finished the tutorials. Whenever i go to the vault storage in the storm shield it only shows that I have 5 storage slots and this is from the skill tree point that I spent. Why have the 50 […]

I am trying to continue the upgrades for the first skill tree, I need to upgrade “Resistance” in order to get to the Recycling section, but in order to get resistance it says that the prerequsites are to unlock the storm shield storage vault. When I go to my storm shield the storage is empty […]

I am in the storm shield menu and I want to transfer some junk from my backpack over to the storage at the storm shield. I purchased the deluxe edition of Fortnite and it says that i should have gotten 50 extra storage slots for items, but when I view the storage tab in the […]