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Technical Questions & Answers

Quite the vague term really, I can't really say much on what exactly should go here. Technical questions and answers tend to be a little more complicated and relate to the electronic or code parts of games and game consoles. Ask questions here if no other categories fit the bill.


My life support and I died while in my home base. I respawned right outside the door, so I went to collect the items from my grave. I can see the grave and it tells me to press  to interact but pressing it does nothing. I can’t get the items back from my grave. This means […]

Every time there is a new patch for Fortnite on the PS4, it goes through this process where it is preparing to update. This takes around 15 minutes to complete and then the patches are usually around 200mb and download in a minute or so. Is there something wrong with my PS4 that it is […]

What’s this all about? The game froze and when I restarted I am looking at a screen that tells me I am in a queue? Is there only so many places on the servers for people to play at a time or something?

Do you need to have an internet connection to play fortnite? Is it possible to play the game offline?

Now and then i seem to be coming across guys who appear to have their microphones inside a jet engine. Is there a way to mute other players in the game? I checked the menu and i cant get a list of other players from here .

I have purchased the deluxe edition and want to upgrade to a higher tier version. Is it possible to do this without having to buy the entire game over again? I am playing the game on the PS4.

I’m not sure if it is my connection or just hosts being assholes, but I’m constantly getting dropped from games when the host leaves. I want to be able to host my own game so I can at least finish some games without needing to worry that the host will drop out as soon as […]

I have been working on improving my settlement for days. I have almost maxed out the build meter and I have all the stats that I need in order to make people happy. The happy essentially arrow has been pointing up for most if the time I have had the settlement, but the number doesn’t […]

I joined a team back at the start of the game and I want to change to a different team. I have been looking around the games UI and I can’t find anything that lets me change the team that I joined. How do you change the team you are a part of in Pokemon […]