System Glitch Questions & Answers


I have turned on my PS4 Pro after it was in standby mode. The light turned blue as normal but now it is pulsing blue. It’s not flashing or blinking. Rather it is slowly pulsing blue.  There is no video being output to the screen. Pressing the power button or any buttons on the controller […]

When I play VR games sometimes with the PSVR, the scree just goes black with a sort of static look on the screen. How do i fix this

I get this almost every day while playing games. I have 2 PS4s and this one is not the primary console, so I am guessing this is the reason for it. Something to do with it not being able to connect to the server or something, but why? I am connected to the internet and […]

Is it possible to fix a PlayStation 3 that is no longer working due to the yellow light of death or the YLOD?

I was in the middle of playing Minecraft on the Vita when the screen suddenly went black and i got the following error message. An error has occurred. The PS Vita system will be powered off. When the system rebooted I got this error code C2-14165-9 and is suggesting I report the problem to Sony. What […]


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