Screen & Video Questions & Answers


Is it possible to have a wireless connection between the Xbox and TV so that the video is sent wirelessly?

Do I need to get a new TV that supports 4k in order to use the PS5?

Is the LG OLED55CX5LB a good TV to get for use with gaming on the PS5?

How do you disable voice chat with other people in the game when you are streaming gameplay on the PS4.

I do not own a 4k TV. Is there any point in me purchasing a PS4 pro if my TV only supports 1080p?

Does the PS4 pro make all games look better even if there hasn't been an update for the game to support it?

Sony is rolling out a firmware updates for all PS4 models to add HDR support. Will this update mean that games will now have better visuals?

I have gotten a PS4 Pro and I am trying to connect it to a 4K TV. When I try to set the resolution 4k isn’t an option, It sets it to 2k, but not 4. Why is this? There is also a message listed below that says “Your TV might support a higher quality color […]