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I am stuck at the train yard in the Volga mission where I must get past an electricity ball

How to solve traffic light puzzle in control for Langston's runaways

How do you get through the ashtray maze in control. The place keeps going in endless loops with no clues

What are you meant to do with the rooster bones in the cave below the statue in mabe village - The legend of zelda links awakening

The owl is giving me a riddle "hop on top of the crystals to move forward". I can't figure out what this means. It isnt making any sense to me.

What does the owl in Link's Awakening mean when he says in soil sleeps secrets beneath your soles. What is the solution for this riddle?

I have made it down into the caves where you find Solomon’s family tree. There are pictures of tree sizes, colours assigned to names and 4 pillars to select names from. 5 names, 4 pillars and nothing makes sense. How do you solve this puzzle?

I have gotten to the church and the guy is giving me some super complicated riddle about how the numbers on the grave stones match up to something. It makes no sense and I can’t figure it out, but I feel like it’s intentionally cryptic. I spoke to the girl and she says he is […]


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