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Puzzle Questions & Answers

Questions and help for in game puzzles and other tricky gameplay elements that need some work to figure out.


How do you activate the light tower in Skyloft after directing both windmills at it?

How do you get the electrical egg across the gap in the final generator room in Lanayru desert in Skyward Sword?

How to get to the other side of the cave in Lanayru mine without running out if stamina

The ships computer has a message warning that there is an unidentified item in the cargo bay. How do you get inside?

How are you meant to activate the fish monument on Santoryn island

What order are you meant to press the buttons on top of the monument?

How do you access the generator in the toolshed when on the quest to find the red house in the medium?

How do you get inside the hidden room in Thomas's office in the real world when it is blocked.

Where is the door handle needed to unlock the door at the Niwa hotel in the medium?