Puzzle Questions & Answers

Questions and help for in game puzzles and other tricky gameplay elements that need some work to figure out.


Where do you find power cores to turn on the lights during the heartman boss fight?

How do you get through the locked door in the basement of the ski lodge up by the top of the world building in Fallout 76?

How are you meant to get past the large infected monster with the crazy mutations?

How are you meant to get to the canister behind the shutter where there is a metal bar blocking the wheel to twist?

I am stuck at the puzzle trying to activate the control panel to unlock the door into the quarantine zone where there are flesh things and a laser.

How do you break down the large barrier with the deer skull near the boss battle with the wendigo in west of dead?

How do you unlock the exo dynamics research aid boxes that randomly appear around the world?

I am stuck on the first puzzle where you need to use the multi-tool in half life Alyx. What are you meant to do?

I am stuck at a walla near the start of the game after escaping the combine. How do you hop over walls?

How are you meant to stop the train with your father on it after the lever breaks in the control room?