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Will it be free to play? If so, where is the developerspublisher source for this? Thanks in advance  

On the Epic website it says that the game will be available 4 days early to people who pre order the deluxe edition or above, but this only applies to the PC version of the game. Will the founders bonus also apply on the PlayStation 4 release of the game?

I’m sure he is fairly hands off when it comes to game development these days, but back when the first half life game was released, what input did he have on the project? Did he come up with the story for half life and put things together to make the game happen or what?

I reallly loved Skyrim and I loved Oblivion before it. In terms of story, gameplay and the skills etc. I found a lot of enjoyment in the Elder Scrolls games. If i liked those games, should I enjoy playing Dragon Age: Inquisition? I am thinking of purchasing the game, but I’m not sure if the […]

The game is obviously being released for the PC, but will they also be releasing the game with support for the PSVR on the Playstation 4?