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NPC & AI Questions & Answers

The term NPC stands for non playable character. It is used to refer to characters in a video game that are not the character you control. In an RPG, an NPC would be a character that you go to in order to get quests and purchase items from. You never play as them, they are sort of decorations that make the world feel more alive.

NPCs are controlled by artificial intelligence or AI. For your standard quest giver at a small village, there may not be a whole lot of intelligence needed, but for characters that follow you around and engage in combat, the AI needs to be far more advanced to make it seem like the character is alive and as if it is being controlled by another human.


Outside of any scripted, story related elements, is it possible to actually kill the alien at any point in the game or must you wait until the end. Assuming the alien does actually die in the game?

I made it to the farm area in Crookback Bog and the Grandmother is inside the house watching the kid. I have agreed to play hide n’ seek with the children in exchange for a distraction. Using the witcher sense, I have been able to locate 3 of the children. I have tried following the […]

I have found the fairy fountain near kakariko village and I was able to capture some.of the faries that are flying around here. I have come back several times and there are never any there anymore. A blood moon has also passed and the faries have not come back to the fountians. It would be […]

I have walked outside of the sanctuary after “The Cure for Madness” quest in Skyrim and i can see the puddle of black liquid, but he doesnt seem to be coming out of it for me. Is there something I am doing wrong?

I had him as my companion for a while, but I got rid of him. He was always back at sanctuary when ever I went back. I built a dog house and he seemed angry with me. I went back to check on him today and he was gone. I can’t find him anywhere in […]