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NPC & AI Questions & Answers

The term NPC stands for non playable character. It is used to refer to characters in a video game that are not the character you control. In an RPG, an NPC would be a character that you go to in order to get quests and purchase items from. You never play as them, they are sort of decorations that make the world feel more alive.

NPCs are controlled by artificial intelligence or AI. For your standard quest giver at a small village, there may not be a whole lot of intelligence needed, but for characters that follow you around and engage in combat, the AI needs to be far more advanced to make it seem like the character is alive and as if it is being controlled by another human.


I have ran out if things to do. I have spoken to everyone and there doesn’t seem to be anything other than George Washington. He continues to have the dialogue about cutting down a cherry tree, but I don’t know how to trigger the correct conversation. What do I do here to solve the puzzle?

I have found a cat and he follows me around the place. I saw in some gameplay videos before the game released that It is possible to pet cats. How do you do it? I’ve tried pressing triangle to interact with them when the cat is near me but it doesn’t do anything. Do I […]

I have found Craig’s Guinea pig in the bedroom but i cant seem to access it. How do you capture him

There is a trophy/achievement for the game that says I must destroy 100 gnomes. I have yet to even see one, where can i find them?

I had hoped this girl would be useful during the storm shield defenses, but she has pretty much spent the entire time complaining about having no ammo. How do i give defenders more ammo?

I spent a lot of time killing the NCR guys for supplies. I am starting to regret it now as they are always attacking me when I am trying to do other things. Is there a way to make them friendly with me again? 

I am at fort frolic and I am trying to decide if I should kill sander cohen or not. Is there any reason to leave him live?

I have purchased a Chocobo for the maximum amount of time, but when this expires, I will need to purchase a new one. Will the levels be reset when i get a new Chocobo or will the progress i make on each one be stored so i dont need to do it again every time?

I want to get Glottis to sing the rusty anchor song on the piano. He is down there, but i am guessing i need to do something else before he will actually play the song. What do you need to do to make Glottis sing The Rusty Anchor on the piano?

I am trying to find a Ghul Matron and I cant seem to find one. I have been going to locations where ghouls normally spawn and I can’t seem to get one to appear. I am guessing there is something specific that I need to do in order to make one show up, but I […]