NPC & AI Questions & Answers

The term NPC stands for non playable character. It is used to refer to characters in a video game that are not the character you control. In an RPG, an NPC would be a character that you go to in order to get quests and purchase items from. You never play as them, they are sort of decorations that make the world feel more alive.

NPCs are controlled by artificial intelligence or AI. For your standard quest giver at a small village, there may not be a whole lot of intelligence needed, but for characters that follow you around and engage in combat, the AI needs to be far more advanced to make it seem like the character is alive and as if it is being controlled by another human.


Normally I find them roaming around nearby but he has vanished now. Is there a way that I can summon the chocobo to come back to me?

I have setup the arena, have a red and blue platform built and you have assigned 2 people to be the fighters, but nothing is happening? Is there something else that you need to do to get them to fight?

I need to get people in the settlement to watch an arena fight for the trophy. They aren't doing this on their own.

I have just seen a female koopa with a red hat. When I got close, she ran away. What is the story with this? Is there something I need to do?

The big metal balls that tied to a chain are fairly scary creatures and it seems to make no sense at all that they make a barking sound. They have been in lots of Mario and Mario Kart games and I have always wondered why they make a barking sound. It seems like it might […]

Is it a requirement that you have defeated all of the divine beasts before you head to hyrule castle to battle gannon or can you skip some of them

I’ve been collecting most of these that I can for the obvious rewards, but there are a LOT of them! I’ve often found a korok and not had arrows or whatever needed to collect the seed. I don’t know if I could be bothered to go all the way back for 1 single korok seed. […]

I have constructed the battery I’m the basement and need to charge it before I can use it. It seems obvious that I charge it from the electricity from the lightning strike outside, but I don’t see how I am meant to attach the battery to the kite. No option ever comes up to allow […]

I have ran out if things to do. I have spoken to everyone and there doesn’t seem to be anything other than George Washington. He continues to have the dialogue about cutting down a cherry tree, but I don’t know how to trigger the correct conversation. What do I do here to solve the puzzle?

I have found a cat and he follows me around the place. I saw in some gameplay videos before the game released that It is possible to pet cats. How do you do it? I’ve tried pressing triangle to interact with them when the cat is near me but it doesn’t do anything. Do I […]