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Networking Questions & Answers

Networking was never something that was associated with gaming in the past. Today, online interactions have become an integral part of what makes up a gaming experience. With the introduction of an online network, means you will end up having to diagnose and solve network related issues and problems. Here is the place to ask.


Is there a way to speed up the uploading of files from the Xbox series X to my one drive?

How do you get a one time password to login to final fantasy xiv online?

When I try to connect the PS4 to the PS5 for remote play, I get an error on the PS5 that says something went wrong CE-110024-8

I am unable to get NAT type 1 on the PS5. I have opened ports on the router, I have tried to even bypass the firewall on the PS5 and it is still stuck with a Type 2 NAT.

Do the current workshops that are captured get saved on private servers so that the next time you log in everything is the way it was and I can resume playing?

Do you need to have an internet connection to play Elder Scrolls Online? Is there an offline game mode?

Is it possible to play Fallout 76 while offline or do you need to have an internet connection to play?

is it possible to make the xbox download games while it is turned off like you an when the ps4 is in standby mode?

When you play games on PS Now, are you able to unlock trophies in the same way you do when playing a regular disc or digital game on the PS4.

This seems really stupid. I am trying to purchase a game bundle on the PlayStation Store because it has a large discount. I already own one of the games in the bundle, but it is still cheaper for me to buy the bundle than it is to buy the other game on its own. The […]