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Items / Equipment Questions & Answers

Questions and answers relating to in game items and equipment. If you can't obtain an item or are having issues using equipment in game, here is the place to get some help.


Is there a way to get a flashlight to use in the dark areas of the game? Sometimes it is too dark to see what is going on

What do Roman artifacts do and who do you trade them with in the camp?

Where is the book of knowledge at Ely monastery? It seems to be below the courtyard but I can't find it.

Is the Old Scratch’s Gym building for the halloween event in Simpsons Tapped Out worth spending donuts on?

How do you get the sticks used for some gear upgrades in assassin's creed origins

Is it possible to repair debirs that are found broken on the planet of the surface. Sometimes they dont even look damaged

Is the large rover vehicle worth building. It costs a lot to get the materials needed to build it. I want to know if it is worth the trouble

Do wind turbines generate energy when they are underground. Can they be used to power batteries?

Are you able to attach items like a large rover to a rocket in order to bring it to another planet?

Is it possible to collect tethers and put them back into a bundle?