Items / Equipment Questions & Answers

Questions and answers relating to in game items and equipment. If you can't obtain an item or are having issues using equipment in game, here is the place to get some help.


What ways can I get Aldgoat leather in Final Fantasy XIV. Either a way to farm it or a place where I can buy it.

Where can I purchase the various vitamins in Pokemon Sun like protein, zinc etc?

Seems like a stupid question to ask, but I find that almost every little thing that you do in breath of the wild will wear down the durability of the item you are using. If I cut grass with my sword does it cause the sword to loose durability?

This place is hard to navigate. I have been looking around and I can’t seem to find the location of the second overdue book in the Arcjet building. Where can I find the book?

Where can I find the Dunwich Borers key in Fallout 4? None of the dead bodies in the area had the key on them

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