Items / Equipment Questions & Answers

Questions and answers relating to in game items and equipment. If you can't obtain an item or are having issues using equipment in game, here is the place to get some help.


Where do you find the Laserkraftwerk weapon in Wolfenstein youngblood. Is it possible to miss?

How do you reach the tower lobby without owning a Laserkraftwerk weapon to open the door to the office

What you do get when you reach the step count on the Pedometer materia in Final Fantasy Vii Remake? Is there any bonus for reaching 5000 steps with it?

What are Moogle Medals used for? I keep finding them but I don't know what they are for

The gear share option is grayed out when I try to share weapons and armour with someone in Division 2

What does the chicken drumsticks weapon do in medievil. I got it from the witch and it isn't much use

Where is the harvester cog in the scarecrow fields level in medievil

How do you clean your weapons in metro exodus. I need to fix it to make it perform better

Is there a way to make supplies replenish faster at the knot cities and settlements. Can you rest and force the items to replenish faster than normally having to wait and play on with the game

Should i purchase the bow and arrow from the store in Mabe village or should i wait and see if i get this from a quest reward or chest?