Items / Equipment Questions & Answers

Questions and answers relating to in game items and equipment. If you can't obtain an item or are having issues using equipment in game, here is the place to get some help.


How do you get special ammo to drop for weapons in Destiny?

How do you get a wooden panel that is used for crafting blueprints?

How do you create a box frame used for crafting blueprints?

How do you get square frames to build blueprints in Autonauts vs Piratebots?

How do you get a crank to use for crafting blueprints?

Is there any reason to keep the gold nuggets that you get in the game. Do they offer anything important later on in the game?

I have seen that some of the ore veins in Pokemon Legends: Arceus are shaking. What does it mean when this happens?

Are there Master Balls in Arceus that you can use to guarantee that you will be able to capture the Pokemon without it breaking free of the Pokeball?

What do all of these glowing pipes around the town do?

Where can I find stone in black skylands. I am findfindfinding finding All recourses except