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General Questions & Answers

What would a question and answers section be without a general section. Pretty much anything can go here if there are no categories they fit what you are asking. So long as your question is related to gaming, you can try seek help here.


Simple question, how do you get the disc back out of the PS4 without using the main menu?

Is it possible for the Playstation 4 to get a virus? Do I need to be careful what websites I visit incase it gets infected?

Does the Xbox One have wifi built into it? Do you need to by an external adapter in order to connect to xbox live over wifi?

Where in the settings are you able to disable HDCP on the Playstation 3 to allow me to record gameplay using HDMI on the PS3?

Do the letters Vita for the PS Vita actually stand for anything? Why did they not just call it the PSP 2 since this is pretty much what it is.

My friend told me that I need to clean the dust out of my Xbox on a regular basis to stop it from breaking down, but this doesnt make any sense. I have had a PS2 for a long time and the fan at the back is completely covered with dust and it has never […]

How are video game controllers like the Dualshock and Xbox controller able to vibrate when certain things happen in the game?