Gameplay Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions relating to gameplay.


Can the broken wind turbines and platforms that are scattered around be repaired? Sometimes the debris have functional items on them so I am wondering can we cheaply repair the broken items?

When I insert the required resource into the gateway engine connector, it does not do anything. The engine does not activate

What does the RTG do in Astroneer? It costs a lot of bytes, is it worth spending them to research it?

How are you meant to get the large research rocks back to your base to go into the research chambers in Astroneer?

How are you meant to bring large debris back to your base? Platforms don't fit on top of the rover storage.

What do the big gateway chamber structures in astroneer do?

what is the max number of trailers that can be attached to the back of a large rover in astroneer?

My rocket has run out of fuel on another planet, how am I supposed to get back home?

I am having trouble with power generation. Can someone give me some tips on the best way to generate power for your base in Astroneer?

Whats the best way to gather up as much debris as possible in the most efficient way that reduces the number of trips back to the home base.