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Im mid way through chapter 4 and we have just gotten to the docks. I have inspected the telescope and tried bashing it with the wrench. I need to put a coin In to activate it in order to look for more boats. I have looked all around the area for a coin and can’t […]

One of the first things you need to do once you get to the prison is find the generator and start it up. The generator is located in the north side of the map, but cannot be accessed as it is blocked off by fences and walls. How do you access the generator room in […]

Is this worth doing? I hate getting held up with long battles and stuff that end up giving you nothing but a shortage of supplies. 

In each of the 3 world buildings, there are doors that are blocked off with wooden planks that prevent you from being able to get inside. There is a portal behind it which clearly makes it somewhere that you can get to, but how? How do you get past doors blocked by wooden planks?

When you arrive in the Nether for the first time, one thing that will stand out are the massive white things with tentacles that are flying around. To make things worse, they shoot big fire bombs at you which gives little time for you to study them. What are these creatures called?

What do you ned to do to make iron golems spawn naturally? I have been able to make them myself with iron

The sailing is fun but I am starting to get sick of the endless sailing across oceans when I have already been there a bunch of times. Is there a way to teleport across the world so that I can make it from one side of the map to the other without needing to sail?

I have run out of bait and can’t seem to find the guy to purchase any more. Where do you buy more bait?

Link is taking damage from the cold but I need to get through this area for a quest. How do you survive the cold?

I need to find the place centered amid four shrines. How do i find where this location is?


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