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How do you exit your house at the start of the game? I seem to be stuck inside

The cost of building the roads in Death Stranding is quite expensive. Having a highway is useful but is it worth the trouble of having to search for the resources. Does it cost more time than it saves?

How long do I have to dispose of a dead body in Death Stranding before it goes necro? Is there a way to see how much time you have left before it is too late?

How are you meant to get a new bike in death stranding? The bike that I have found is all broken down and damaged. How to i repair it or build a new bike when this one is broken?

Is there a way to make supplies replenish faster at the knot cities and settlements. Can you rest and force the items to replenish faster than normally having to wait and play on with the game

How do you get back to crater lake to dispose of items in Death Stranding?

I am stuck trying to get through the tunnel to the face shrine. The gap is too wide and I fall down. How do you get across in Link's Awakening

The person in the telephone booth says I need the anglers key. This is in the bottom right of the map. I found where animal village is but I can’t get across the water. When I try to do a charge jump, link just falls directly into the water. How do you get across to […]

what are you meant to do with the stick item in links awakening. I got it from the monkey and I have no idea what to do with it

I can't get to the bee queen. The guy says i need a bee suit but i dont know where to find one.