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How do you get to the hidden treasure in Evinghou tower? I see the treasure below the bottom floor but I don't know how to get down there.

How do you break the wall underneath the waterfall at ravensthorpe?

How do you gain access to the final chest in Saint Albanes Abby? It is blocked behind a barricade.

How do you break down the large barrier with the deer skull near the boss battle with the wendigo in west of dead?

What are these red glowing statues beneath the water that causes damage when I get close to them?

How do you repair the broken statue that you need to pray at outside the bar in Neon Abyss?

Where do you find hidden rooms in Neon Abyss?

Where do you find the secret piano room when you get the upgrade for it in Neon Abyss?

When you rest at a hot spring in Ghost of Tsushima, does it matter which option you pick for your thoughts? Will they both give the same bonus?

How do you get past the red lasers in the entrance of Lab x in Wolfenstein youngblood?