Dungeon Questions & Answers

Traversing dungeons in video games can be difficult at times. They are designed to be a challenge and it can often be very easy to get lost in them. A dungeon, doesnt always have to be the medieval style brick wall tunnel that comes to mind. A dungeon in the gaming world can be anything enclosure that has a start and a finish where the player must make it to the end where they are most often faced with a boss battle and some worthwhile in game reward.

For those who are looking for some help if they are stuck on a puzzle in some dungeon, this is the place you can ask a question to get some help.


I have been using bombs to try and blast the balls in and I have also tried to use the ice to shoot the ball up, but it isn’t getting the ball into the switch inside of the cage. How Do You get the ball into the cage in Daka Tuss Shrine?


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