Dungeon Questions & Answers

To open a treasure chest, use the pots around it, what does this riddle mean in the face shrine of the legend of zelda links awakening?

I am stuck inside a room in the face shrine where there are two horse heads and the door below is blocked. How do i get out of here?

How do you find the boss key in the catfish's maw temple in the legend of zelda links awakening. I cant get to the last room with an unopened chest.

The skeleton boss isn't taking any damage in the catfish's maw dungeon. The bones just fall down and then he gets back up

I dont see any way to get over to the temple after using the angler key to unlock it. There is no tunnel nearby to make it to where the waterfall stopped.

I have found four out of the five golden leafs at the castle in the legend of zelda links awakening and I can't find the remaining one

Where is the boss key in the second level bottle grottto in the legend of zelda links awakening. I have been around the temple and cant find it.

I am not strong enough to pick the bottles up and i cant destroy them with my sword. What is the trick to destroying bottles in this game?

In the bottle grotto in links awakening there are two rooms with shy guy in them. He copies my movements. How do you complete these puzzles?


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