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DLC & Addons Questions & Answers

DLC stands for downloadable content. With gaming networks being the standard for all modern systems, DLC has become something we see a lot of with games. Smaller, bite sized chunks of content for a much lower price than a full blown disc based expansion.

If you have any questions about DLC compatibility and whether certain game addons work together, you can ask for some advise here.


How do you download the remastered version of blood dragon that comes with the far cry 6 season pass?

Does the Playstation 4 edition of Minecraft support the mods that people are using on the Pc version of the game?

Is it worth spending money on the tricentenial edition of Fallout 76?

I have the season pass and I am a little annoyed that this DLC is not included with it. I have already beaten the game and completed most of the major side quests. Is there any worthwhile content in the royal expansion that make it worth purchasing?

As part of the Children of Atom quest line in the Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4, you will need to drink some funny water and then take a hallucination filled stroll to the Children of Atom shrine. Once you get to the shrine there will be a console that cannot be hacked. In order […]

Patch 1.5 is bringing mods to Fallout 4. If i install a bunch of mods, will trophies be disabled?

The Royal Edition of Final Fantasy is a good price right now. If i purchase this edition of the game, does it come with all of the DLC packs that are included as part of the season pass? I already own the main game and I was considering purchasing the Royal Edition upgrade if it […]

I’ve seen from the trophy list for the game that there are some DLC packs for Doom 2016 on the PS4. Are any of these DLC packs for the single player story mode or are they multiplayer only?

I have seen all of these cool mods that replace link and other enemies for breath of the wild on youtube. How do you install these mods and where can they be downloaded from?

Does ESO have a monthly subscription fee that is required in order to play online with others or is it free to play