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Controls & Controller Questions & Answers

Questions relating to the use of game controllers and the in game controls that the buttons are mapped to. The standard game controller is made up of several buttons and more often than not, two analog thumb sticks that can be used for character movement and 360 degree control of the player camera.


How do you drop a weapon that you currently have equipped and in your hand?

My health is at 50 and I have found a couple of medkits on a shelf inside a house. I have tried to do everything to consume this, but the character just drops it on the floor all the tie (just like he does with the hats). How are you meant to consume the medkits […]

I’ve played Mario Kart on the Wii and Switch and when you are in the air, you can flick the controller to perform a trick in the air that gives you a speed boost when you land. Flicking the 3DS doesn’t do anything. Is there a way to perform tricks in the air on Mario […]

Ive seen videos of guys getting to secret areas by jumping on the hat in order to get like a double jump or a jump boost in Super Mario Odyssey. Whenever I throw my hat at a wall it comes back to me right away before I get the chance to jump on it. Do […]

When I apply the air strike power up to a gun or even the Berserker power-up, I can’t see any way that I can activate it while in game. I have tried pressing all of the buttons and it doesn’t seem to do anything. What do you need to do to be able to call […]

I have found a cat and he follows me around the place. I saw in some gameplay videos before the game released that It is possible to pet cats. How do you do it? I’ve tried pressing triangle to interact with them when the cat is near me but it doesn’t do anything. Do I […]

Is there a way to make your character run or at least walk faster than he does by default in The Witness?. The standard walk speed is so slow it will take forever to beat this game

I am trying to charge my dualshock 4 controller but it wont work. Can someone help me fix it?

There is a list of extra balls at the bottom of the screen like tennis balls etc. I have collected enough points for the tennis ball, bit the icon for it is still locked. How are you meant to get additional balls in this game?

There is a lot of running up and back in this game. I have found all of Jimmy’s fast travel locations, but it would be handy to sprint. I tried all the buttons and I can’t find a way to sprint. Can it be done? If not are there any outfits that will increase movement […]