Controls & Controller Questions & Answers

Questions relating to the use of game controllers and the in game controls that the buttons are mapped to. The standard game controller is made up of several buttons and more often than not, two analog thumb sticks that can be used for character movement and 360 degree control of the player camera.


How do you switch your primary and secondary weapons. I want to rotate which one is my primary.

How do you throw pots in Skyward Sword? The game only lets me drop things back down when I pick them up.

My DualSense charges but when I try to use it it won't turn on. The white lights never flash, it seems that it is broken but it does charge when I connect a USB cable or charging dock

How do you pur away your weapon without having to unequip it? It seems to be put away by default and then when its out the gun wont go away?

What is the button to perform a skid with the emergency break? Are handbreak turns possible with the cars in this game?

how do you perform a handbreak turn in Cyberpunk. What is the button to activate the emergency break in a car?

The PlayStation 5 has frozen and will not accept controller input. The PS button won't work

How do you perform a perfect dodge during combat in Spiderman: Miles Morales?

Will rechargeable AA batteries work with the PS5 dualsense controller?

Will the Platinum and Gold Wireless Headsets for the PS4 work with the PS5?