Combat Questions & Answers

Questions and answers relating to combat mechanics in video games. As games evolve to get more realistic and life like, the game mechanics used to create combat scenes get more complex as a result. With AI also jumping into the mix, this is a place to get help with any issues relating to fighting mechanics in games.


How do you perform a melee attack in mass effect 2?

How do you get soldier bots or grunts to equip a suit of armor once they have been built at the barricks?

How do you switch your primary and secondary weapons. I want to rotate which one is my primary.

How do you send out a second Pokemon during a battle when you are against multiple other Pokemon in battle?

How do you counter or dodge punches when you are having a fist fight with an enemy in Uncharted 4. It doesn't seem like you can counter them or do anything to defend yourself.

Is there a way to strike first in combat in monster harvest? Enemies always get the first attack when in the dungeon in this game.

What is the best way to kill a Protectron in Fallout 76. Where is their weak spot that will kill them quickly?

How do you perform a Shoji assassination as the optional objectives during camp liberations in Ghost of Tsushima?

How do you damage enemies with shields? Is there a way to break their gusrd?

What does the chicken drumsticks weapon do in medievil. I got it from the witch and it isn't much use