Collectables Questions & Answers

Video game collectables are something that have attracted great interest over the years. For most people, finding them all without a guide is a monumental task. In some rare cases, issues can prevent you from collecting items. We all hate the pesky missable collectables. For those struggling to make sense of a guide that shows you where to find them all, you may be able to find some help here.

Below are questions and answers relating to video game collectables across all games and systems.


Purple is always for rare loot in these kinds of games so im annoyed u can’t figure out how to open them. I’ve killed 2 larger enemies and both times they have dropped a purple lockbox. How do I open these lockboxes to get the loot?

I am climbing the mountain and I am now blocked by a door that requires acorns to open. I found a couple in a chest but had to use them to open a previous door. I don’t see any chests nearby. Is there any other way to get golden acorns?

I am finding this safe a little annoying. I come back quite often, sometimes there is a LOT of money there and sometimes there is none. Sometimes it can be an hour or more between visits, yet nothing shows up, other times it its less than 30 mins and money shows up. I cant see […]

There is a trophy/achievement for the game that says I must destroy 100 gnomes. I have yet to even see one, where can i find them?

Does playing Knack on a higher difficulty mean that diamonds are more likely to appear?

The game doesnt seem to be correctly recording the distance that has been traveled at all. In fact it seems completely wrong and no matter how much time I spend playing Rocket League, the distance travelled on any particular set of car wheels, doesn’t seem to be going up. I’m guessing there is a glitch […]

I have been playing the game for a while and I have collected a few of these, but I havnt noticed them providing any in game rewards or anything. What do the dead ghosts do? Is there any point in even collecting them? I would assume there is a bonus of some kind for collecting […]

After progressing through the game and getting passed major story elements, is it possible to later go back and obtain any collectables that I might have missed? Are there any limitations to any free roam abilities if it is possible to do this?

If I collect all of the coins in a single playthrough if Resident Evil V, can I then replay the game again and keep all of the coins I collected the first time around or do I loose everything when starting a new game?