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I can see loads of treasure hidden up in the control room or something but I don't see any way for me to get up to it

I have searched all over this level and have found as much as I can. I’m still missing a lot of treasure and a missing dragon. I can see around the back of the main tower, there is a platform with some mushrooms jumping around. I have tried to get over but I can never […]

I am at a large tree down the road from the woodland stable and there is a man here called Russ who tells me about shield surfing and is offering to sell them. On top of the tree behind him is a korok seed platform that requires me to get to the bottom of the […]

What is the point of coins in Mario Kart? They don't seem to do anything of benefit to the gameplay.

I’ve been collecting most of these that I can for the obvious rewards, but there are a LOT of them! I’ve often found a korok and not had arrows or whatever needed to collect the seed. I don’t know if I could be bothered to go all the way back for 1 single korok seed. […]

I havn't been able to find the location of the Enigma machine on the Uboat. Where is it located?

I have a quest in the safehouse to find Annes wedding ring. The safehouse isn't very big, where can I find the missing wedding ring?

I’ve picked up 2 of these spinfoil hats from the treasure maps I bought of cayde 6. It says something about caydes odds and ends but I got no quests for picking it up. What is the Spinfoil hat used for?

Purple is always for rare loot in these kinds of games so im annoyed u can’t figure out how to open them. I’ve killed 2 larger enemies and both times they have dropped a purple lockbox. How do I open these lockboxes to get the loot?

I am climbing the mountain and I am now blocked by a door that requires acorns to open. I found a couple in a chest but had to use them to open a previous door. I don’t see any chests nearby. Is there any other way to get golden acorns?


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