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Character & Player Stats Questions & Answers

Questions and answers relating to in game characters and player stats and attributes. RPG games often focus more heavily on stats and attributes as the process of building a character is a critical element of the character progression and levelling system.


During the character creator at the start you can pick between the genders, is there any reason to pick one over the other? Does a male character have any traits or perks a woman has or vice versa?

I have unlocked all of the main abilities for the axe in God of War. The last few involve abilities thst activate when you make Kratos change stance during combat. What does this mean? I’ve never seen any prompt on changing stance during combat before so I don’t know how to do this.

Where can I find more frozen flames to use as upgrades for the leviathan axe in God of War?

How do you drop a weapon that you currently have equipped and in your hand?

My health is at 50 and I have found a couple of medkits on a shelf inside a house. I have tried to do everything to consume this, but the character just drops it on the floor all the tie (just like he does with the hats). How are you meant to consume the medkits […]

I have been finding these masks all over the place. I try to put them on my head but they just fall on the floor (sometimes they fall through the floor and vanish). Either way Id like to know the importance of them since I am coming across a lot of them in places that […]

To keep things spoiler free I have gotten to the point where I need to choose one of 3 armor upgrades to use in the game. There is a chest piece to let me squeeze ino tight spaces, shoulder pads for charging into things and boots that let me double jump. I like the sound […]

Are there enough ways in which to earn skill points in Shadow of War that make it possible to obtain all of the skill points from all of the 6 main sections in the skill menu or do I need to carefully choose which skills I pick to make sure I don’t miss out on […]

What is the max level your character can reach in Shadow of War? I have only been playing 30 mins and I am at level 3, so I am guessing it is quite high. Also looking at the amount of skill points to purchase there is hopefully a lot of levels to obtain in this […]

I saw a tip in the game that says you can get some nice bonuses and in game perks for joining a clan. I would like to just create my own clan since I don’t have any invites to existing ones. I have looked around the clan menu and I dont see any options that […]