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Character & Player Stats Questions & Answers

Questions and answers relating to in game characters and player stats and attributes. RPG games often focus more heavily on stats and attributes as the process of building a character is a critical element of the character progression and levelling system.


Does the effects of the hands on perk stack if you apply it to multiple different items?

Trophy not unlocking after I have purchased all of the weapons available in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

What is the max level that you can reach in Rift Apart?

Who does the voice work for Mabel Ryley in empire of sin? Her voice sounds familiar but I can't figure out who the real life person

What does the cockeyed chronic character provide once you collect all the cards for it in Trailer Park Boys greasy money?

Does the lucky break perk card provide enough benefit to make it worth using? Will it repair armor enough to save you much on repair costs?

Is the luck of the draw worth using? Will it mean that you never have to repair a weapon again?

Is it possible to reset or change SPECIAL stats in Fallout 76 after you have set them?

How do you increase the rank of perk cards in fallout 76. My cards are staying the same level and are not levelling up no matter how much I use them.

Is there a way to set your characters special points in Fallout 76 to respec your character without starting again?