Bug / Glitch Questions & Answers

Bugs and glitches are a natural part of software development. When they happen in video games, they can be very annoying. This section is for those looking for help with any bugs and in game issues.


I am stuck at the well of urd in Asgard. How do you exit the cave after completing the task here.

The blind guy looking for Alfheim keeps following me but there is no quest objective. Is this a glitch?

I am stuck in the quest "to serve the light". Hytham is stuck in the boat and won't move.

Google play achievements in American dad apocalypse now are not unlocking even though the in game achievements are.

When I rescued the hostage and bring him outside of the fort, the quest does not update.

I have reached the location marked on the map to get the supply drop from the army requisition tape but there is nothing here. What am I meant to be looking for?

I can't find Ella's research for the quest an organic solution. When I loot her body nothing happens.

When I try to interact with a power armor station at my C.A.M.P In Falllout 76, I get a message saying "Waiting for response from server". Is there a way to fix this?

I am stuck in vault 79 with the quest objective meet Jen at the laser grid. It won't update that I am there.

I am stuck inside my suit of power armour and I am holding the button to get out but nothing works.