Boss & Enemy Questions & Answers

Boss fights can often be one of the most exciting parts of a game. The final challenge that puts everything you have learned to good use. For those who are stuck, here is the place to ask for help regarding boss fights and enemy encounters in video games.


When you arrive in the Nether for the first time, one thing that will stand out are the massive white things with tentacles that are flying around. To make things worse, they shoot big fire bombs at you which gives little time for you to study them. What are these creatures called?

When you obtain 20 shock arrows you must then use them to disable the giant elephant thing that is shooting the water in the Zora Domain aka Vah Ruta. During the fight he will shoot a bunch of ice blocks at you which can do quite a bit of damage and be difficult to evade. […]

I have been seeing a lot of these guys running around the place. Nothing I throw at them seems to work. I have used loads of explosive arrows and they usually end up killing me before I can make any sort of impact on their health. How do you kill the guardians? I there a […]

I’m fighting the dog boss in the lake kingdom and I can’t see any way to hurt him. I’ve tried to backflip over his hat and hit him, sneak around behind him when he throws the hat and various other combinations of attack, but nothing works. How are you meant to damage him?

Is it a requirement that you have defeated all of the divine beasts before you head to hyrule castle to battle gannon or can you skip some of them

I suck at stealth, but I do enjoy trying to beat levels without raising the alarm. In the event that I do set off the alarm is there any way to lower it without taking out the Nazi Commander? It seems to be very sensitive and even if I run far away from any soldiers […]

Jared gave me the password for the lift/elevator in the police station. I forgot the number though and now I don’t know how to call the lift. What is the correct door code to call the lift in the lower levels of the police station after the Jared boss fight.

I made my way into medicinal fried chicken and went though the cut scene. I am now in a battle against Towlie and 2 of the store workers. Towlie is marked as having infinite health. I was able to kill the 2 guys with him, but I don’t know what I need to do to […]

Up until now the combat has been fairly straightforward, but this fight is not so easy. I can easily get through the strippers and then the boss fight triggers and Spontaneous Bootay appears. She can’t be hurt and I’ve furnature and strippers blocking me. Is there something that I’m missing in this fight. When I […]

Looking at the army screen in the menu there are some orc leaders that I have yet to kill. It feels like they have been respawning so I guess I need to kill them all quickly if I do. What happens if you kill all of the orc leaders in a single area? Is there […]