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Boss & Enemy Questions & Answers

Boss fights can often be one of the most exciting parts of a game. The final challenge that puts everything you have learned to good use. For those who are stuck, here is the place to ask for help regarding boss fights and enemy encounters in video games.


Why do some Pokemon who are in the wild areas of the game have red eyes?

How do you kill the deku baba on the ceiling of the skyview temple at a locked door?

What are the golden tentacle creatures that run away from you when you enter a room and burrow into the floor?

How do you destroy the turrets that are surrounded by a red shield in the jungle biome in Returnal? Guns do no damage to it.

How do you defeat the snake with the stones and water jets in the fish monument?

How do you destroy 25 Arachnatron turrets? What are they and how do you destroy them for shotgun mastery?

Is there a way to protect my cow from being killed by other players in the wasteland?

Does Astroneer have any end game boss fights or story related content that mark the end of the game?

Where do you find power cores to turn on the lights during the heartman boss fight?

How are you supposed to kill the resilient enemies in Fallout 76? All of the robots in the uplink quest are named this way and i cant kill them when they glow red.