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Achievement / Trophy Questions & Answers

Trophies and achievements are something that were introduced to games consoles with the Xbox 360 and later followed up by the PlayStation 3. Collecting them all has become an obsession for many. This section is for asking questions reltating to trophies and achievements in video games.


Is it possible to unlock some of the trophies from Fortnite in the Batte Royale game mode?

Where can i find Emissary from beyond to get the Lest Ye Be Judged achievement?

The description is a bit cryptic. Anyone know what it is?

I have reached level 20 over an hour ago and I still have not unlocked my achievement, is there a bug or what?

I have reached level 20 and the trophy for this (Long and Winding Road) has not unlocked for me. Is there a glitch with this?

Is it possible to unlock trophies while playing the game in creative mode?

I have gotten to the start if chapter 5 and have made sure not to use any weapons. I have even avoided killing people as much as possible. Any kills have been melee kills with the majority of those being stealth attacks. The trophy is meant to pop at the start of chapter 5 but […]

There is a trophy/achievement for the game that says I must destroy 100 gnomes. I have yet to even see one, where can i find them?

Paragon released and didn’t have any trophies so I am wondering if the same will apply since this is an early access game. Will Fortnite have trophies or achievements?

I can’t find any trophy or achievement data for this game. Paragon didn’t have any trophies, so I am wondering if the same thing is going to happen with this game. Anyone heard if there are going to be trophies or achievements?