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Achievement / Trophy Questions & Answers

Trophies and achievements are something that were introduced to games consoles with the Xbox 360 and later followed up by the PlayStation 3. Collecting them all has become an obsession for many. This section is for asking questions reltating to trophies and achievements in video games.


So far I have crafted 2 themes, dozens of weapons and 10 outfits. For some reason the more than handy trophy has not unlocked. The description says I need to craft 1 outfit, 1 weapon and 1 theme. I have done this but nothing has happened.

Is there something that you can do to trigger raider attacks? I need to defeat 50 attacks but they aren't coming anymore

I have a fairly large vault setup on my Android phone. Is it possible for me to copy or sync this vault to the PlayStation 4 version of the game? I am using the cloud save feature on the Android version of fallout shelter. Does the PS4 version use the same? If it is possible, […]

Will using any of the cheats built into the PS2 game block trophies from unlocking?

If I use any of the cheats will it prevent me from being able to unlock any of the trophies in the game?

The trophy description says to get 50’000 brains without using the mmm brains cheat. I understood this to mean, you must earn 50’000 brains normally and that using the cheat would not count. However, it seems that people are suggesting that using the cheat invalidates the trophy completely. Anyone know that the real deal with […]

I need to get people in the settlement to watch an arena fight for the trophy. They aren't doing this on their own.

Is it possible to get all of the trophies, including the collectibles in one playthrough without missing anything. In other words, is it possible to get locked out of a trophy and require another playthrough?

There is a trophy for Bandit Six called “Feel the Power” that requires you to purchase 3 different power ups. I don’t understand the requirement for this as I have not come across any way in which you can purchase power ups to begin with. It would be massively helpful if you could purchase power […]

There is a trophy called “BREAKING NEWS” that requires you to keep up to date Jeremy Eagle, but I have beaten the game twice now and I have yet to come across any character with this name. Where can I find Jeremy Eagle?