Yaga Trophy List

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Earn all the trophies in Yaga.
Give the Gilded Apple to the Tzar
Give the Golden Apple to the Tzar
Attack all old altars
Call in a spared creature to help you
Kill village chickens
Hit the church bell
Reach the end of the game
Remain a blacksmith
Be foolish
Become a royal advisor
Marry a warrior queen
Become the Tzar alone
Witness Yaga's facepalm
Try to flirt a few times
Let Koschei go
Lock Koschei up
Kill an old enemy
Spare an old enemy
Destroy Morozko's Heart
Help Morozko find love
Skip a carefully crafted cutscene
Finish the game without forging any tools
Be really Aggressive
Be really Neutral
Be really Foolish
Be really Greedy
Be really Righteous
Ivan + Poludnica = Love
Crazed man + Poludnica = Love
Polevik + Poludnica = Love
Make the priest rich
Throw a few enemies away
Attach a cartwheel to your arm stump
Use the chainfork to pull a few enemies closer
Dig up a burried treasure
Turn a sickle into a weapon
Trick the polevik's minions
Help the vodnik live in peace
Make the vodnik rest in peace
Give the Muddy Water of Youth to the Tzar
Give the Water of Youth to the Tzar
Lose an arm!