Wordsweeper by POWGI Trophy List

How To Use
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  • Mark trophies as unlocked by clicking the trophy icon on the right side of each trophy.
  • Use the controls toggle hidden and unlocked trophies.
  • Click "Save Progress" to store your progression in a cookie.
  • Clicking on highlighted trophies in text will show you a preview. Click the preview to quickly scroll to that trophy.
Collect all the trophies
Read the instructions to the end
Solve your first puzzle
Use Hint to show a possible letter placement
Use Hint when there are no letter placement moves left
Enter an invalid letter 5 times
Enter a letter that is invalid in 5 directions
Use Fix to remove mistakes 10 times
Use Fix to remove at least 10 wrong letters at once
Solve a puzzle without making a single mistake
Solve a puzzle without using Fix or Hint
Spend at least a minute considering what to do next
Complete a puzzle in under 60 seconds
Place the name "Per" perfectly
Place the word "bee" beautifully
Place the word "ski" skillfully
Place the word "sir". Gosh, there's a trophy for that?
Place the word "fan" fantastically
Place the word "con" and celebrate
Place the word "pro" like a pro
Place the word "pop" like a star
Place the word "ill" and be well
Place the word "leg" and ... wait for it ...
Place the word "awe" awesomely
Place the word "pen" stupendously
Place the word "wow". That is all.
Complete every puzzle