Way of the Passive Fist Trophy List

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You have proven your mastery of the Passive Fist
Defeat the boss of Chapter 1
Defeat the boss of Chapter 3
Defeat the boss of Chapter 5
Perform a Power Punch attack
Perform a Super Slam attack
Perform the Gravity Well attack
Defeat at least 5 enemies at once with the Gravity Well attack
Defeat a boss without taking damage
Obtain a gold medal in any scene
Defeat 500 enemies
Defeat 100 enemies
Complete any Chapter (1-9) without activating a checkpoint (in Story Mode)
Defeat 100 robotic enemies
Defeat 100 sun worshippers
Defeat 100 plant creatures
Achieve a combo of 50
Achieve a combo of 100
Achieve a x5 multiplier
Parry 100 attacks
Discover 20 different caches
Complete Chapter 7 in under 20 minutes
Perform a Power Punch 5 times in a single scene
Clear Arcade Mode (10CC or 1CC) without dying
Play through any Chapter twice in a row
Find the turtle soup healing item
Defeat the boss of Chapter 7
Find a 1-UP item
Clear 10CC Mode
Obtain all gold medals in a Chapter
Clear Story Mode
Accumulate 400,000 XP across all Chapters
Parry 10,000 attacks
Obtain all gold medals in all scenes
Defeat the final boss
Clear 1CC Mode
Clear all Chapters on Way of the Master