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Welcome to the Uncharted The Lost Legacy trophy guide for Playstation 4. This trophy list is fairly simple and has returned to the format we have been more familiar with on past games. Namely being there is no multiplayer related trophies, which for me were a deterant on getting the platinum for Uncharted 4. You will need to play the game on the hardest difficulty in order to get the platinum and there are various collectible trophies too. Most other trophies in this came are related to just playing the game. The trophy guide below will outline the best locations to obtain the trophies using chapter select if needed. You can get the platinum in a single run if you play on crushing difficulty first time around, whether you do it or not is up to you. You will also need to do a quick half play through on the easiest difficulty in order to obtain Way of the Warrior.

  • Author : young_hastings
  • Time To 100% : 15-20 Hours
  • Difficulty : 3/10
  • Online Trophies : 0/50
  • Offline Trophies : 50/50
  • Num Playthroughs : 1.5

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

If you are looking to get the platinum as fast as possible, then you should play the game on crushing difficulty from the start. The option appears to be disabled for this difficulty, but the game allows you to select it anyway. Cheats are enabled after you beat the game once and they do not affect trophies, so if you have more time to spend and want the easy route, play the game on normal or easy and then play a second time on crushing difficulty with the cheats to make things much easier.

There are a total of 145 collectibles to obtain and you will also need to obtain all 24 guns in the game and use them once. The trophy guides below will help you out with these, but make sure to keep up with the guide as it is possible to progress too far and miss something. If you do miss a collectible, you can use chapter select to go back and obtain it which makes things much easier. There is a collectible tracker in the chapter select mode so if you get to the end and have missed one, you will see from here what one it was.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Speed Run Trophy Guide

This guide will explain the fastest route to get the platinum trophy in Unchrted The Lost Legacy. Since you can do it all in a single run, be sure to read over the trophy guides below so you know what chapters you need to be prepared for. Chapter select is there in the event you make a mistake, so no need to worry too much.

As i mentioned, there isn’t anything that is missable outside of chapter select, so there is no need to get too stressed, but to get it in one go, you will need to keep an eye out for the chapter specific trophies. Here are all of the trophies in order that you need to take note of as you progress through the story to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Drop Me a Line (Chapter 2)
Let’s Not Get Caught (Chapter 4)
Your Prize (Chapter 4)
Best Driver in the Business (Chapter 4)
Quiet as a Mouse (Chapter 4)
Flawless Gauntlet (Chapter 4)
Shadow Theather (Chapter 5)
Marco Po-No (Chapter 5)
Overkill (Chapter 6)
C-Phoria (Chapter 6)
Cannonball! (Chapter 8)
Shake For Your Fortune (Chapter 8)
Right Under Your Nose (Chapter 8)
Combat Racing (Chapter 9)
Backseat Driver (Chapter 9)
Here, Catch! (Chapter 9)

On top of the story/chapter specific trophies, you also need to keep track of the collectibles. There are 145 to collect and it is possible to miss them in a chapter if you progress too far ahead. See the Uncharted The Lost Legacy Collectble guide for a detailed breakdown on all of the collectibles, by chapter and in order. Thanks to PowerPyx for creating all of the videos.

Most of the combat related trophies can be unlocked naturally through gameplay. Crushing is not a walk in the park and unless you are a robot or something, you are bound to die a good few times throught your adventure. If you get 5 kills, die and get another 5 it will count as a total of 10 and help you get trophies. This of course doesn’t count for trophies that require you to achieve something in a row. Dying will break the streak. Read the individual trophy guides below to find out the best location to obtain a trophy and you can die and repeat a few times to make sure you get the trophy.

You should be able to obtain every trophy in the game, except for Way of the Warrior during this crushing playthrouyh. If you decide you want the easy road, play the game on easy, unlock the cheats and play Crushing while using cheats to give you all of the best weapons and items. Means it will take longer to get there, but you will also keep your blood pressure a lot lower.


Way of the Warrior Trophy Run

This trophy is going to annoy the hell out of you because you need to make it to the start of chapter 5 without shooting a gun or throwing a weapon such as a grenade. Essentially, you must make it to chapter 5 using melee only. Once you have all other trophies, you can replay the game and make sure you DO NOT carry stats over from the previous run. Play on explorer difficulty to make this as easy as possible. The hardest part isnt with dealing with enemies, it is trying to not accidentially shoot. Still explorer is quite easy and you can kill enemies with punches. Nadine can still use her gun so she can help you out at times. Just take cover when needed to recharge health. Make sure to manually save as often as you can so you don’t need to restart again if you accidentially discharge a weapon.

Collect all the Trophies

The platinum trophy will unlock once you have collected all other trophies in the game.

Complete the Game

Complete the game on any difficulty.

Complete the Game in Crushing mode

For those that have played any of the past Uncharted games, you will be familiar with this difficulty. It is difficult, but unlike other games, the enemies are not super charged. You will die very easily, but enemies also die quite easily. Headshots are the best to quickly take enemies out. Make sure you take cover whenever possible and never leave yourself exposed to enemy fire. It only takes a few shots to die.

Once you get the hang of things, crushing difficulty in Uncharted The Lost Legacy, is not that bad. Just like how it wasn't too bad in past Uncharted games. Clear enemies fast and take plenty of cover. The faster you get better at headshots the easier you will find playing on this difficulty.

Unless you are super caught for time, it is probably best to play on crushing difficulty on your second playthrough. This way you can use cheats to give you unlimited RPG ammo. The game is a hell of a lot easier when you have an RPG with infinite ammo!

Find 5 treasures

See "Collector of Antiquities".

Find 35 treasures

See "Collector of Antiquities".

Find all the treasures

See the Uncharted The Lost Legacy Collectible guide for a guide from start to finish of all of the collectibles in the game along with video guides to show the exact location of each item, broken down by chapter.

Ask Skeleseer a question

You get this at the end of capter 8 by finding a collectible of a skull. Once you collect the skull, rotate it upside down using the right stick and the trophy will unlock. If you are following the collectible guide, you should keep this in mind for when you find it. You can unlock the trophy at any point so long as you have picked up the skull collectible in chapoter 8.

Find a Hoysala token

See "Yas Queen".

Find all the Hoysala tokens and obtain the Queen's Ruby

See the Uncharted The Lost Legacy Collectible guide for a guide from start to finish of all of the collectibles in the game along with video guides to show the exact location of each item, broken down by chapter.

Open 5 lockboxes

See "Picks or It Didn't Happen".

Open every lockbox

See the Uncharted The Lost Legacy Collectible guide for a guide from start to finish of all of the collectibles in the game along with video guides to show the exact location of each item, broken down by chapter.

Take a photo at 5 photo opportunities

See "Pics or It Didn't Happen".

Take a photo at all the photo opportunities

See the Uncharted The Lost Legacy Collectible guide for a guide from start to finish of all of the collectibles in the game along with video guides to show the exact location of each item, broken down by chapter.

Listen to all optional conversations

See the Uncharted The Lost Legacy Collectible guide for a guide from start to finish of all of the collectibles in the game along with video guides to show the exact location of each item, broken down by chapter.

Use every gun in the game

There are 24 different weapons in the game that you need to collect and use in order to get this trophy. The video guide above will help you, but you can get this using the cheats after beating the game once. Use the cheats to give yourself each of the weapons and you will get this trophy very easily.

Defeat an enemy with the last bullet in your handgun clip

This might happen by accident and if not, it is quite easy anyway. IF you are having trouble, wait until you are in a location with enemies that you know will die from a single bullet to the head. Make sure you only have 1 bullet left in the clip and shoot that enemy in the head to kill him.

Defeat 10 enemies with headshots in a row

This is not as hard as it seems. Getting headshots is really important on crushing difficulty, so you need to get good at headshots regardless. If you are good enough you will be able to get this as you progress normally. If you are really having a hard time with it, wait until you have beaten the game once. Use the cheats to select the silenced pistol and you will be easily able to make it through some of the early chapters in the game by headshotting enemies using stealth and the silenced pistol will keep you from alerting the other enemies in the area.

Defeat 5 consecutive enemies with the silenced pistol without being detected

If you are going for the approach of using the silenced pistol to get the 10 headshots for "10 Up, 10 Down", you might end up getting this too. Kill 5 enemies in a row using the silenced pistol and make sure that no other enemies spot you. It isnt really that hard to do normally, but if you wanna use cheats and go back to the start of the game, this will be simple to obtain.

Defeat 20 enemies firing from-the-hip

This is easy to obtain using a shotgun since the idea of this weapon it to have a large blast radius. If you run up close and shoot without aiming down the sights, you will likely kill the enemy with 1 shot if they are not armored or anything. The pistol is quite accurate when firing from the hip if you fire slowly. Using a machine gun is possible at close range, but the kickback makes it highly innaccurate.

Defeat 20 enemies blind-firing from cover

This is like firing from the hip from behind cover. Shoot your weapon without aiming down the sights. Your accuracy will take a significant downgrade, but it is also quite easy to do. The pistol is probably one of the best weapons to use here since it still stays quite accurate and has good range. You can also use a weapon on a close enemy instead of using a stealth attack.

Stealth take-down 10 armored enemies with melee by first removing their helmets without being detected

The best place to get this is in chapter 8 at the Helicopter Fight.You can retry via chapter select which makes this a handy one. Sneak up behind an armored enemy and stealh kill them using square triangle square. You can reload the chapter and keep doing it over and over until the trophy unlocks.

Defeat 20 enemies with C4

You can farm this during the APC fight encounter in chapter 6 as this gives you enemies and C4 in the one place. You will find C4 in some lockboxes hidden around the area that you can pickup. If you go to the stairs where Nadine is waiting for you, you can desctory the APC. A truck with 4 enemies will appear by the stairs and you can throw C4 at it and detonate it to get 4 easy kills. The APC doesnt count as a kill. Die and repeat this mission over and over until the trophy unlocks.

Mark 30 enemies

You can mark an enemy by pressing L3 while looking at them. This is useful on crushing when you are trying to track enemies over a large area. You will likely do this without having to try. It doesnt need to be in the same chapter or in a row. Just do it 30 times and it will unlock.

Open a lockbox with enemies nearby

Chapter 4 has a couple of lockboxes near enemy camps that make this the best chapter to obtain this trophy. Drive down the hill at the start of the chapter and head right. You will find a parked truck with some enemies near a bridge. There is a lockbox in the back of this aear. Try be quick or Nadine will kill the enemies before you get a chance to loot the box.

Defeat 4 enemies with one C4 detonation

In the same location mentioned in "Royal Demolitionist" to get 20 C4 kills, you can also get this one. Blow up the truck that has 4 enemies on it to get the trophy. The video guide below will explain it better.

Stealth take-down 15 enemies in a row

This is for stealth take-downs only. Killing an enemy with a silenced pistol doesnt count, it must be a melee takedown. You can do this quite easily in a lot of places, but one handy location for it is in chapter 4. There are a lot of enemy camps that contain a bunch of enemies for you to takedown. Mark the enemies and it will be a lot easier to make it through without getting spotted. It is best to make a manual save at certain points so if you screw up and get spotted or for some reason the stealth take down doesnt trigger, you don't have to start again from the beginning.

Break stealth and re-enter stealth successfully

This is most definitely going to unlock for you at some stage on crushing difficulty. Once enemies spot you, run away and hide until they loose you and stop searching.

Perform 10 combo partner takedowns

If you like to use melee a lot, you could get this one naturally. Combo takedowns are cool, when you and Nadine are close to eachother and you beat up an enemy, instead of the final punch being normal and killing the enemy, Nadine will jump in and do some fancy ass WWE finisher with you. There are loads of different locations to do this, but it works best when Nadine has no gun. Stealth missions are best since she doesn't shoot as much and will opt for silent takedowns whenever possible.

Make it to the outskirts of Halebidu in Chapter 5 without using a firearm or explosive

This is a bit of a trick trophy and is the reason you will need to play half of the game again (sort of) and it is important to know that you need to start a completely new game. You can't use chapter select and you can not carry over progress from your past play. This trophy works by reading the stats of your save file and if you carry progress over from the previous game, your kill total will not be at 0. When you start a new game, make sure it is a fresh new game and that your game stats are all blank at the start of the game. This way you can be 100% sure you are starting with a clean slate.

To get this trophy, you need to make it to the start of chapter 5 using only your fists. No guns, grenades or any weapons. Doing this on crushing is definitely going to be impossible. This is best done on Explorer difficulty, this way you can run past groups of enemies, take a bunch of damage and not get killed by it. You need to run past enemies when you can and if you are stuck in a scene with combat you will need to use your fists to take out all the enemies. It doesn't matter if Nadine kills enemies, it only counts for you. If you shoot a gun, even by accident and it doesn't hit anyone the trophy will become void and you will not be able to unlock it.

The best strategy for this is to use a lot of manual saves. After playing through the game once, it will be a reflex at times to shoot. If you do it by accident, you don't want to have to start the entire thing again, so make a manual save (not an auto save) and reload this when you screw up. Stealth is your best friend, make it through areas without engaging with enemies whenever possible. Use silent take downs to get rid of enemies rather than jumping out in the open. It doesn't matter if enemies do spot you, but it is a lot easier for you if you can slip through without them noticing.

The trophy will unlock at the very start of chapter 5, so if you are into this chapter and it has not unlocked, then you must have shot a gun or something.

Some people have reported that dying invalidates this trophy. To play things safe, make regular game saves and if you die, reload the save. The trophy should allow deaths, but the glitch may prevent you from being able to unlock it.

Defeat 5 enemies, each one taking damage from a handgun, long-gun, and melee

You can do this for any enemy, and it doesn't need to be in a row. You can scatter this out throughout your game run. This might be harder on the easy difficulties since the enemies die a lot easier. This is why it might be better to do this on your crushing playthrough. Wait until you are at a checkpoint with nearby enemies, find one and shoot him first with the handgun/pistol, then with a long run (machine gun) and then run up and punch the enemy. This should kill the enemy once the punch lands and if you want you can get killed and do this again.

Defeat enemies with the vehicle, long-gun, melee, and grenade, in that order, in 20 seconds

Sort of like "The Sampler", but a little more strict and difficult. You need to kill 4 enemies in under 20 seconds. You also need to kill each one with the item listed in the trophy description. Since the vehicle is not something you have available to you all the time, you need to find a point where you have the truck in order to be able to get this trophy. The video guide below will explain how to do it in detail, but the requirements are quite simple anyway. There are other places you might be able to manage this, but you need to make sure you do it quick. The 20 second time limit is what makes this tricky.

Defeat 30 enemies with gold weapons

You will find gold weapons in lockboxes and sometimes they are dropped by special enemies. You might get this naturally, but if not, wait until you have completed the game and unlocked the cheats. You can give yourself gold weapons using the cheats and proceed to get some kills with it until the trophy unlocks.

Defeat 4 enemies with the vehicle in 20 seconds

You might get lucky during a combat scene and come across 4 enemies close to eachother that you can quickly run over in under 20 seconds. Since enemies can run around the place as they please, you may or may not get certain opportunities to get this trophy at different times. It isn't too hard, so you will get it eventually.

If you are having difficulty, the video guide below will show you a reliable tactic for gettng this trophy. At the end of chapter 3, you will see 2 enemies walking in the water. Run them down with your car and then drive up the hill to find 2 other enemies to run over to get the trophy.

Use all the zip-lines to traverse the city

You can get this trophy in chapter 2. There are 4 zip lines in total that you need to slide across. 3 of the 4 ziplines must be crossed over as part of the story, meaning there is only one zipline that you need to find. The lightbulbs on the ziplines make them easy to locate. After crossing the first one at the start of the chapter the remaining 3 are on the rooftops during the chase scene. The video below will show you the locations of them all, but if you look out for the lights, its hard to miss them.

Appreciate the view at the top of the Hoysala Empire

There is a large tower in the middle of the map during chapter 4. You will climb up this tower as part of the story, but not all the way to the very top. When you are in the room near the top there are stone doors that you need to open. Do not interact with the lever in the middle of the room, instead climb up one of the doors that is broken. You can use this to climb up to the top. You need to wait a few moments while you are up at the top and listen to what Chloe has to say. After about a minute the trophy will unlock.

Drive from the Ganesh mountain carving to the top of the waterfall at the Trident Fort and back in under 3 minutes

This is quite fun to do. It might take a few attempts, but it shouldn't cause too much frustration. You need to drive from the mountain carving of Ganesh up to the entrance of the Trident fort and then back down to Ganesh again in under 3 minutes. The video below will show you the fastest way to get there and back.

Get through all 3 Axe Fort trials without resetting any boards

There is an Axe Fort that you will encounter during chapter 4 as part of the main story. You will have to complete the trials to progress wiht the story, but this trophy requires you to complete the trials without messing up. If you get hit by one of the weapons, you will fail and have to restart from the last checkpoint and try again.

The video guide below will show you the path, but you can also use the following solution.

Trial #1: Up, Up, Right, Left, Up, Down, Up, Left, Up
Trial #2: Up, Right, Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up
Trial #3: Up, Up, Down, 5 x Up, Down, Right, Down, Up, Right, Right, Up, Left, Up


After entering the Trident Fort, reach the door without being seen

You will reach the trident fort in chapter 4 as part of the games story, so you can't miss the place. You need to get to the door at the end without alerting enemies. You can kill them if you wish so long as other enemies do not spot you in the process. It is ok if 1 enemy finds the body of another, this will make them turn yellow, but it doesn't mean they have spotted you.

If you are having trouble, beat the game once then come back here on explorer difficulty and use the silenced pistol to clean up and get through this really fast.

Perform 5 grapple swings in a row without touching the ground

There is a very easy place to get this in chapter 4. If you have been following the collectible guide, you should come across this place as part of that guide when attempting to get the Hoysala Token at the south of hte map.

Get 30 seconds of total airtime with the vehicle

Before you start getting worried, this does not need to be a single jump that lasts for 30 seconds. This is a cumlative trophy that counts for every single jump you make in a vehicle. Hit all of the ramps you can find and this will unlock eventually. It should take 40 or so average ramps in the truck before you get the 30 seconds needed to unlock the trophy.

Complete the shadow puzzle in 10 moves or less

You will find the shadow puzzle in chapter 5. The video guide below will show you how to complete the puzzle in under 10 moves.

Play in the water in the dam in Halebidu

This has become a tradition at this stage. In chapter 5 after you escape the cave having completed the shadow puzzle, you will find a little pool. Jump in to get the trophpy.

Pick a three pin lock in under 15 seconds

You should get this naturally if you are looking to collect all of the lockboxes. There are quite a few of them with 3 pins, so you have many chances to get it right. If you get the first 2 and you don't feel you can get the 3rd in time, quit out and try again.

Plant multiple C4 charges on the APC at the same time and destroy it with one massive detonation

This seems like thye most enjoyable way to complete this part of the game anyway, so this trophy is more of a gift. In chapter 6 you will need to desctoy the APC that is patrolling around. There is plenty of C4 around the place and you only need to stick 2 pieces of C4 to the APC to get the trophy. Make sure they stick to it and don't land on the ground underneath it.

Perform an impressive dive from the cliff near the old railroad tracks

You can get this in chapter 8. See the video guide for what you need to do to obtain it.

Destroy the helicopter without defeating any other enemies

This is best done using cheats. Once you beat the game replay the helicopter fight in chapter 8 and give unlimited ammo for the RPG. Once you see the helicopter shoot it with the RPG and then use the rope to climp up and kill the pilot to get the trophy. Trying this without the cheats is a hell of a lot harder and a waste of time when it becomes so simple with cheats.

Ram 10 motorcycles

During chapter 9 with will have a lot of motorcycles that are chasing you. Ram them with the truck and you will get the trophy after doing it to 10. Restart the chapter and try again if you are having difficulty.

Commandeer 6 vehicles by jumping on them and kicking out the driver

During chapter 9 on the train convoy section you will get to a point where you need to dump onto an enemy car as part of the story. From here you can do it when needed. Drive near a car and press X to jump over to the other car and kick the driver out. You can restart the mission and try again if you need to.

Destroy a vehicle in Chapter 9 with an explosive

In the same section of chapter 9 where you obtain the "Backseat Driver" trophy, you can also get this one. You will find a grenade to use in this mission that you can use to blow a car up, but you can also just use the cheats and let the awesomeness of an RPG help you out.

Drive over the edge in the Western Ghats

At the start of chapter 4, drive off the cliff and the trophy will unlock