Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Trophy List

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Collect all the Trophies
Complete the Game
Complete the Game in Crushing mode
Find 5 treasures
Find 35 treasures
Find all the treasures
Ask Skeleseer a question
Find a Hoysala token
Find all the Hoysala tokens and obtain the Queen's Ruby
Open 5 lockboxes
Open every lockbox
Take a photo at 5 photo opportunities
Take a photo at all the photo opportunities
Listen to all optional conversations
Use every gun in the game
Defeat an enemy with the last bullet in your handgun clip
Defeat 10 enemies with headshots in a row
Defeat 5 consecutive enemies with the silenced pistol without being detected
Defeat 20 enemies firing from-the-hip
Defeat 20 enemies blind-firing from cover
Stealth take-down 10 armored enemies with melee by first removing their helmets without being detected
Defeat 20 enemies with C4
Mark 30 enemies
Open a lockbox with enemies nearby
Defeat 4 enemies with one C4 detonation
Stealth take-down 15 enemies in a row
Break stealth and re-enter stealth successfully
Perform 10 combo partner takedowns
Make it to the outskirts of Halebidu in Chapter 5 without using a firearm or explosive
Defeat 5 enemies, each one taking damage from a handgun, long-gun, and melee
Defeat enemies with the vehicle, long-gun, melee, and grenade, in that order, in 20 seconds
Defeat 30 enemies with gold weapons
Defeat 4 enemies with the vehicle in 20 seconds
Use all the zip-lines to traverse the city
Appreciate the view at the top of the Hoysala Empire
Drive from the Ganesh mountain carving to the top of the waterfall at the Trident Fort and back in under 3 minutes
Get through all 3 Axe Fort trials without resetting any boards
After entering the Trident Fort, reach the door without being seen
Perform 5 grapple swings in a row without touching the ground
Get 30 seconds of total airtime with the vehicle
Complete the shadow puzzle in 10 moves or less
Play in the water in the dam in Halebidu
Pick a three pin lock in under 15 seconds
Plant multiple C4 charges on the APC at the same time and destroy it with one massive detonation
Perform an impressive dive from the cliff near the old railroad tracks
Destroy the helicopter without defeating any other enemies
Ram 10 motorcycles
Commandeer 6 vehicles by jumping on them and kicking out the driver
Destroy a vehicle in Chapter 9 with an explosive
Drive over the edge in the Western Ghats