Trailmakers Trophy List

How To Use
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  • Mark trophies as unlocked by clicking the trophy icon on the right side of each trophy.
  • Use the controls toggle hidden and unlocked trophies.
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  • Clicking on highlighted trophies in text will show you a preview. Click the preview to quickly scroll to that trophy.
Gain all trophies
Rebuild your spaceship
Enter the volcano!
Find 15 Power Cores in the campaign
Stay airborne in a zero Power Core vehicle for 60 seconds
Break the sound barrier
Get gold on Downhill Rush
Pick up a piece of Salvage with the magnet
Get gold on Sunny Slide
Get gold on Cliff Land
Bump into the whales on Treasure Island
Fly through all the rings of fire on Treasure island
Complete all the ball puzzles on Treasure Island in one game session
Drive over 8 chickens on in one session
Shoot hoops on Danger Island
Upload a vehicle to the Gallery
Download and load in a vehicle from the Gallery
Land on all the floating islands above Race Island
Visit the monument on Treasure Island
Crash into the blimp on Race Island
Land on the lighthouse on Race Island
Hug the Tree on the Northeastern Island on Treasure Island
Reach the top of Danger Island