Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found Trophy List

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Collect all trophies.
Complete full game.
Kill a spider with fire.
Death by a Velociraptor 10 times.
Death by Clown 2 times.
End the night with only the 1st room revealed 10 times.
Collect 1000+ Nuts in one play through.
Open all doors in one playthrough.
Turn on all lights in one play through.
Kill 30 enemies in one playthrough without taking damage.
Go 5 rooms from the base without killing any enemies.
Open 10 Chests in one play through.
Win the Slot machine 3 times in a round.
Activate 10 Rat holes in one play through.
Fail 3 Challenges in one play through.
Remain in the air for 10 seconds or more.
Complete the game within 49 nights.
Get an enemy killed by another enemy's actions.
Manually go back to base to end a night for the 1st time.
Use all four weapon types for the 1st time.
Seal up the 1st Wall rift.
Bet at a Slot machine for the 1st time.
Turn on the Power Stabilizer for the 1st time.
Open all diary pages.
Collect all blueprints.
Craft 1,000 times.
Collect 10,000 Nuts.
Open 30 Challenge Chests.
Break 300 Breakables.
Successfully Defend 10 times.
Drop 100 drop-platforms.