Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist Trophy List

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Obtain all the TOKYO GHOUL:re CALL to EXIST Trophies.
Complete "Escape from the Aogiri Tree Hideout" in Recollections Mode.
Complete "Assault on Cochlea" in Recollections Mode.
Complete "Rescue at Anteiku" in Recollections Mode.
Complete "Auction Sweep Operation" in Recollections Mode.
Complete "Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation" in Recollections Mode.
Complete "One-Eyed King Elimination Operation" in Recollections Mode.
Complete "Defense of the 24th Ward" in Recollections Mode.
Complete "The Search for Ken Kaneki" in Recollections Mode.
Complete "Tokyo Rescue Operation" in Recollections Mode.
Defeat 200 ghouls.
Defeat 500 ghouls.
Defeat 1,000 ghouls.
Hunt down 200 ghoul investigators.
Hunt down 500 ghoul investigators.
Hunt down 1,000 ghoul investigators.
Complete 1 stage in Campaign Mode.
Win 5 matches in Team Deathmatch.
Win 5 matches in Point Match.
Complete Survival Mode on hard difficulty one time.
Use special moves 10 times.
Score 10 headshots.
Defeat 5 enemies with one grenade.
Set 5 enemies on fire with one incendiary grenade.
Put 5 enemies in an Rc suppressed state with a single CRc gas grenade.
Defeat 2,000 ghouls.
Hunt down 2,000 ghoul investigators.
Hunt down 5,000 ghoul investigators.
Unlock all playable ghouls.
Unlock all playable investigators.
Revive 30 allies.
Use special moves 100 times.
Complete the Collection.
Reach Level 50.
Defeat 10,000 ghouls.
Hunt down 10,000 ghoul investigators.
Unlock all skills.
Collect a total of 10,000 materials.