Timothy vs the Aliens Trophy Guide

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Aliens are invading a black and white, 1930s themed world, it is up to Timothy to stop them! The aliens won't get in the way of this easy platinum trophy. Up until a certain point in the game, where the game warns you that it is the point of no return, nothing can be missed. This means you can just play the game and enjoy it until you get to this point. After about 4 hours, you should have the platinum.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 4 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online Trophies : 0/25
  • Offline Trophies : 25/25
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
Missable Trophies: Armed to the teethHappiness is a hot dogA full hot dog pleaseThe allies' powerThe allies' lifeLost

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

Step 1: Play until the point of no return.

In this step, just play through the game and enjoy it. No need to worry about collectables or anything for the moment. Just push through the story. Lots of the collectables can’t be obtained until you have collected the 3 pieces of dynamite anyway.

There are no trophies that I would consider missable in the normal way. Up until the final area of the game, you can go back and get everything. Once you have gathered the 3 pieces of dynamite, you will get to a point where you need to blow up a wall to unlock Pyrotechnic performance. The game will warn you once you get to this point. Once you get here stop progressing and move onto step 2.


Step 2: Collectables

This step is nice and easy. Before you progress to the end game level, go back and collect all of the remaining collectables and other non story related trophies. Use the video guide below to help you find everything you need to get the platinum.

In this step you need to make sure you collect all of the trophies marked as missable.

Armed to the teeth
Drive carefully 
The allies’ power 
Happiness is a hot dog 
A full hot dog please 
The allies’ life 


Step 3: Progress to the end game level

Once you have all of the missable trophies, you can go ahead with the main story again. The rest of the trophies are story related so there is nothing else to care about. Once you defeat the end game boss, you should be done and the Timothy vs the Aliens platinum trophy will be all yours!

Catch The Grandfather's thug to get the key of the cemetery.
You will find him behind Elizabeth’s restaurant. Once you catch him you will get the key.
Find the dynamite in the cemetery area.
Once you have gotten the key from the thug, you can get into the cemetery at the top right corner of the map. Interact with the gravestones to get the to the dynamite and get the trophy.
Get all the weapons.
This trophy requires you to buy 2 guns from Luciano. There are only 4 guns in total, 2 of which you will get a The revolver isn't much use. You might get some use from the shotgun, but it still isn't that good. You will need to drop $3000 to get these. To save trouble, you should quit the game when you get the trophy and reload. This way you will not have wasted the money and can spend it on other things.
Find 30 of the hot dogs Otis lost.

See A full hot dog please 

Find all the hot dogs Otis has lost.

Once you progress far enough in the game, you will be able to speak with Otis, who you can find across the street from Luciano’s shop. There are 60 hot dogs you need to collect. None of them are missable. There are some that you will not be able to get until you progress through the story. Take note of the areas you search through to make sure you do not get mixed up.

Part of the story will require you to find dynamite hidden around the map. Going through this will unlock new areas and there will be new hot dogs to find here. I would recommend using the video guide below to make life easy. The reward you get for finding all 60 is used to unlock Lost.

Get all the power improvements.
There are 2 green aliens that you need to kill to get this trophy. The video guide for “A full hot dog please” will show you where these.
Get all the life improvements.
There are 7 red aliens that you need to kill to get this trophy. The video guide for “A full hot dog please” will show you where these.
Find the object lost within The Grandfather's labyrinth.
When you collect all 60 hot dogs and return to Otis to unlock “A full hot dog please”. As a reward for this, he will give you a key. Go to the grandfathers building and to the right go through the grass until you get to a locked gate. Unlock the gate and make your way through the maze. The trophy will unlock once you find the black cat.
Destroy the wall to the inside of The Grandfather's building.
This is the point of no return. Once you go ahead with this story mission, all of the trophies on this list marked as missable, will become missable. You need to make sure you have all of the collectables and have cleaned up all of the non story related trophies that you can before progressing with this. The game will give you a warning when the time comes, so you will know when the time comes.
Get to reach the mothership's gate.
Once you have destroyed the wall in the Grandfather building to unlock “Pyrotechnic performance” a battle will start against a green alien in a UFO. This trophy will unlock once you defeat him.
Explore the inside of the mothership.
Once you are inside the ship you will have to do some platforming. The trophy will unlock once you reach the boss area.
Finish Stockii off.
The boss fight is fairly basic. Shoot the 6 eyes with your machine gun until each one is closed. It takes quite a bit of shooting to close them and often tentacles and other bits get in the way. The machine gun works fine here.
Get rid of the alien invasion.
This will unlock after some cut scenes have played at the end of the game.
Complete all the trophies.
Get to Timothy's house after fighting The Grandfather.
First objective of the game.
Get to leave Timothy's building upon the alien arrival.
Get out of Timothy’s house once the aliens come.
Catch The Grandfather's thug to get the key to his building.
Once you catch the thug the trophy will unlock.
Save Elizabeth from the alien.
You will need to rescue her from the aliens at the UFO. Kill them all to win the battle and get the trophy.
Find Luciano in the city sewers.
You will end up here after saving Elizabeth.
Get the master key to use the cars.
You will need to purchase this key from Luciano for $500. It is an optional purchase so it will not unlock as part of the main story.
Open the gates of the city center.
You can purchase the key from Luciano.
Find the dynamite in the police station area.
First you will need to buy the police station key from Luciano. The trophy will unlock once you pick up the dynamite.
Complete the driving challenge of The Grandfather's thug.
You will find this near the entrance to the port. Drive through the checkpoints and all the other things you would expect from a car race.
Find the dynamite in the port area.
You will need to make your way through various puzzles and platforming elements to get to the dynamite. The trophy will unlock once you find it.
Eliminate the aliens at Elizabeth's restaurant.
The restaurant is marked by a purple dot on the map. Once you kill the aliens inside, you will get the trophy.