Timothy vs the Aliens Trophy List

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Catch The Grandfather's thug to get the key of the cemetery.
Find the dynamite in the cemetery area.
Get all the weapons.
Find 30 of the hot dogs Otis lost.
Find all the hot dogs Otis has lost.
Get all the power improvements.
Get all the life improvements.
Find the object lost within The Grandfather's labyrinth.
Destroy the wall to the inside of The Grandfather's building.
Get to reach the mothership's gate.
Explore the inside of the mothership.
Finish Stockii off.
Get rid of the alien invasion.
Complete all the trophies.
Get to Timothy's house after fighting The Grandfather.
Get to leave Timothy's building upon the alien arrival.
Catch The Grandfather's thug to get the key to his building.
Save Elizabeth from the alien.
Find Luciano in the city sewers.
Get the master key to use the cars.
Open the gates of the city center.
Find the dynamite in the police station area.
Complete the driving challenge of The Grandfather's thug.
Find the dynamite in the port area.
Eliminate the aliens at Elizabeth's restaurant.