The Lego Movie Videogame Trophy List

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Collect All Trophies
Complete All Timed Challenges
Collect All Minikits
Collect All Missing Pants
Collect All Red Bricks
Complete All Multi-Part Challenges
Defeat one of each enemy type
Destroy every SSP Dropship in the game
Defeat 100 enemies using special moves
Defeat 50 Enemies using Bad Cop
Unlock all Characters
Defeat 20 Enemies using Batman's special moves
Destroy all Lord Business statues
Rescue All Civilians and Master Builders
Defeat Lord Business With Vitruvius In Your Party
Finish "Prologue"
Finish "Police Station"
Finish "Flatbush Gulch"
Finish "Flatbush Town"
Finish "Flatbush Rooftops"
Finish "Flatbush Chase"
Finish "Cloud Cuckoo Land"
Finish "Cloud Under Attack"
Finish "Submarine"
Finish "Business HQ"
Finish "The Kragle"
Finish "TV Station"
Finish "Spaceship Escape"
Finish "Attack on Bricksberg"
Finish "The Cube Ship"
Complete an Instruction Build
Déjà Vu for Gandalf
Have Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern in the same party
Complete a Skydive as Superman
Complete a Build-It or Master Build as Emmet